Popular Articles

(Most of my publications were originally written in my first language, namely Afrikaans. However, for the sake of giving a scope of the topics the titles are translated into English. In the case where an article or book was written and published in English it is marked by an (E). In the case where a book was translated from Afrikaans into English it is marked by an (ET)). Some of the books and part of books are also listed under popular, being in both categories of scientific and popular.

1970Love in Evangelism (5 articles)Gesprek
1975 - 1978Equipping members (24 articles)Die Kerkbode
1975.04.161 Cor 12 - 14. Ten sketches for sermonsDie Kerkbode
1975.10.11Youth Ministry and Evangelism (3 articles)Die Kerkbode
1977 - 1980Monthly editorial as Editor to Youth MagazineOns Jeug
1979 - 1980The young people abroadOns Jeug
1979.07.12Youth evangelism (4 articles)Die Voorligter
1979Church Youth campsDie Kerkbode
1980Pastoral care of the Young Professing MemberDie Voorligter
1980Literature for Young Professing MembersDie Voorligter
1980The Worship Service and the Young Professing MemberDie Voorligter
1980What is the program for "Adult Education and Equipping" all aboutDie Kerkbode
1980Mutual care and admonishment (6 articles)Ons Jeug
1980 - 1981The Youth Policy (14 articles)Ons Jeug
1982Being engagedDie Kerkbode
1982/12Student ministry in the TechniconsDie Voorligter
1982Conference for Reformed Youth leadersDie Voorligter
1983/02Youth and ChurchKwartaal-blad, OVS Vrouediens
1983/06What is the "authority of Scripture"Die Voorligter
1983/07Communication between parent and childDie Kerkbode
1983/09Faith that must be confessedDie Voorligter
1983/11Mary the blessedDie Kerkbode
1983/12How a Christian spends his holidayOns Jeug
1984/01Continued Theological TrainingDie Kerkbode
1985/02Why do we lose them after confirmationOns Jeug
1995/03Found and keptOns Jeug
1985The Youth and the BibleDeo Gloria
1986/05Made but left as you areOns Jeug
1987/05Easter - a family feastOns Jeug
1987/10A Sermon sketch Phil. 1:9-11Epistola
1986/10 - 1988/11A word for the day (Every Saturday)Beeld –Dilay News Paper